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A condominium in an 1898 schoolhouse outside Boston, an 1840 Carpenter Gothic house in the Hudson Valley and a 1911 estate in St. Louis.

11/14/2018 8:00:00 AM
Real Estate and Housing (Residential)

The coastal province of Valencia is cheaper and more manageable than Spain’s major metropolises, making it an appealing alternative for many home buyers.

11/14/2018 8:31:15 AM

The area resembles nearby Bronxville more than it does the rest of Yonkers, except when it comes to the (much lower) home prices and property taxes.

11/14/2018 4:01:25 AM
Real Estate and Housing (Residential)

Designing a room that two children will happily share isn’t easy. Still, it can be fun — provided you follow a few rules.

11/13/2018 4:00:14 AM
Renting and Leasing (Real Estate)

A single mother leaves TriBeCa for Gateway Plaza, a rental complex that she discovers is “tailor-made for families.”

11/12/2018 4:00:08 AM
Real Estate and Housing (Residential)

Recent residential sales in New York City and the region.

11/11/2018 4:00:06 AM

Homeowners in the city can’t just build any size balcony off the side of a building, but shutting down the project may be tricky.

11/10/2018 9:00:03 AM
Real Estate and Housing (Residential)

Brand-new condos tend to have sky-high prices, but with a little sleuthing, you can find something for closer to Manhattan’s median apartment price.

11/9/2018 4:01:38 AM
Real Estate and Housing (Residential)

We might not want to admit it, but our pets often call the shots at home — from decorating decisions to where we live.

11/9/2018 10:52:47 AM
Real Estate and Housing (Residential)

When an actor dies suddenly during his D.I.Y. home renovation in Washington Heights, friends and family come together to complete his vision.

11/9/2018 9:01:11 AM

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Russian meddling, data sharing, hate speech — the social network faced one scandal after another. This is how Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg responded.

11/15/2018 1:15:09 AM
Russian Interference in 2016 US Elections and Ties to Trump Associates

An investigation by The New York Times revealed how Facebook fought back against critics during a flood of crises — with delays, denials and an influence campaign in Washington.

11/15/2018 12:02:40 AM

After facing scrutiny for working with Definers Public Affairs, a firm that applies political campaign tactics to public relations, Facebook was said to have ended its relationship with the company.

11/15/2018 1:01:20 AM
United States Politics and Government

Senators have staked the success of the bipartisan agreement on President Trump, but powerful pockets of opposition remain among some law enforcement officials and conservative lawmakers.

11/14/2018 9:14:19 PM

The need to repair the nation’s criminal justice system has brought together the two parties in a way that is unusual in these days of partisan strife.

11/14/2018 6:58:21 PM

A bipartisan proposal endorsed by President Trump to overhaul federal prison and sentencing laws would have its greatest effect on future prison populations.

11/14/2018 6:42:28 PM

Thousands of ballots have been rejected in Florida because voters’ signatures don’t match what’s on file. Democrats are arguing that’s disenfranchisement.

11/14/2018 11:09:41 PM

Brian Kemp and Rick Scott have drawn criticism for mixing their political lives with their public roles, contributing to the electoral turmoil in Georgia and Florida.

11/14/2018 6:40:06 PM

Old equipment in Palm Beach County prompted the elections supervisor to warn the county may not be able to meet the deadline in Florida’s statewide recount.

11/14/2018 9:57:03 PM

The company’s stock has been cut almost in half since last week as investors assess the potential payout if its equipment is found to blame.

11/14/2018 8:27:44 PM - RSS Channel - World

Britain has concluded a Brexit deal with the European Union. Now, amid a growing clamor of dissent, Theresa May must sell it to her own side.

11/15/2018 1:18:21 AM

A team of Greek archaeologists has just uncovered the first remnants of a once lost city believed to have been founded by former Trojan prisoners of war in the 12th or 13th century BC.

11/14/2018 8:20:53 AM

A teenage boy has died after being knocked unconscious during a Thai kickboxing match on Saturday, according to a local police source.

11/14/2018 11:18:23 PM

The Trump administration's new National Defense Strategy is insufficiently resourced and the US runs the risk of a military defeat by China or Russia, according to a report by a congressionally mandated panel of bipartisan experts that was released Wednesday.

11/14/2018 9:26:10 PM

Boeing was facing mounting pressure Wednesday over the Indonesia airplane disaster as the owner of the doomed jet joined a US pilots' group in alleging the company failed to warn pilots about the potential hazards of a new safety feature implicated in the crash.

11/14/2018 1:13:31 PM

Facebook says it won't return to China without considering how to square that with its commitments to free expression and the privacy of its users.

11/14/2018 4:25:23 AM

The Chinese tech giant reported a 30% jump in net income in the third quarter, a marked turnaround from the previous quarter when government restrictions hit gaming revenue.

11/14/2018 6:55:50 AM

Snap Inc. is under investigation for allegedly manipulating its $3.4 billion initial public offering.

11/14/2018 9:19:19 AM

The global economic slowdown is happening and could spread to the United States next year.

11/14/2018 11:19:16 AM

Oil prices are down 26% since October, reflecting soaring US output, softening demand and sustained Iranian exports. OPEC must now decide how to respond.

11/14/2018 9:49:29 AM